Robbie Padilla Music Studio

Robbie Padilla was in 3rd grade when he took his first piano lesson back in the fall of 1999. He was classically trained for many years and performed in several recitals a year throughout childhood. One year later, he learned the French horn and joined the school band and competed in solo festivals and participated in all-county band every year. In 7th grade, Robbie began taking guitar lessons where he learned classical guitar technique alongside chords and scales on his electric. By graduation time, Robbie had already served as the piano accompanist in two high school musical productions.

Robbie began his undergraduate studies in music education at SUNY Fredonia in the fall of 2009. He continued to study the piano rigorously and play French horn in college ensembles. It was at Fredonia where Robbie discovered his love for teaching and wanted to give to others what had been given to him.

After graduating from Fredonia in the spring of 2013, Robbie began teaching his first piano students. During this time, he also gained some public-school teaching experience as a long-term substitute in middle school chorus and high school voice and band lessons. During this same time, Robbie had auditioned to graduate schools for piano performance and ultimately was awarded a graduate teaching assistantship at Syracuse University.

In 2014, Robbie became a Central New Yorker with the big move to Syracuse, NY. He studied piano performance and continued teaching new students in the Syracuse area. Robbie became involved with musicians in Syracuse and began performing in recitals and concerts. In 2016, Robbie graduated had his Master of Music in Piano and decided to stay in the area.

Since 2016, Robbie has both taught music in the public-school setting and grown a studio of pianists, horn players, and guitar/ukulele players. He had taught exclusively in-person to students in the Syracuse area until the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to teach virtually online. Though we had to completely change our lives since the pandemic, doors have been opened and now Robbie teaches students outside Central New York including Western New York and even other states.

Robbie prides himself in his own musicianship and in that of his students. He sees each student with enormous potential to be the best musicians they can be, whether they want to enjoy their instrument or become concert pianists one day.

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